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Clothing and Property


Foundation Unit School Uniform

Older Children School Uniform

What a child wears to school reflects his/her attitude to learning; it portrays the school’s ethos and shared positive values.


Following consultation with parents a school uniform was introduced some years ago and it is now compulsory that all children wear either the official school uniform, or come to school dressed in plain school colours and wearing sensible clothing. Clothing with stripes/patterns or with logos on is not allowed. Neither are jeans. Gingham dresses are permitted.

The agreed uniform is as follows;

  • Sweatshirt with school logo, cardigan or jumper - navy.

  • Trousers, skirt or pinafore - black, dark grey or navy.

  • Shirt or blouse - white or blue, and a school tie (optional).

  • Summer - White polo shirt with school logo, tee shirt - plain white or blue. Shorts - black, dark grey or navy blue. Plain blue dress/or blue gingham dress.

  • Black, plain shoes


The official uniform is hard wearing, smart and very reasonably priced. Order forms for the uniform can be collected from the school office and orders may be placed at any time. Caps and book bags are also for sale at the school.



It is school policy that children should not wear jewellery at school because it can be dangerous. If parents wish them to do so, children with pierced ears may wear small plain studs (not sleepers, hoops or dangling earrings) and watches. However, watches and stud earrings along with anything else that may be dangerous must be removed for P.E. lessons and swimming. Regrettably staff are not in a position to be able to do this for children. If your child is going to wear stud earrings to school would you therefore please ensure that they are removed on the days he/she has P.E. or swimming. Your child’s teacher will inform you which days P.E lessons are held.

We would also advise that coloured hair dyes (red, green etc) and sprays are not permitted.

Long hair must be tied back and any form of extreme hairstyle including ‘Mohican’ type styles, or hair accessories and hair colourings are not allowed. This is for health and safety reasons.


P.E. Clothing

Younger children can do P.E. in their underclothes and bare feet, but they will need a pair of sand shoes/trainers for outdoor activities. It is useful for sandshoes and trainers to be kept at school all week so that when the weather is wet children have something to change into rather than spending the day in wet shoes/Wellingtons. It would help if you could dress younger children in clothing that they can remove and put back on by themselves so that they are able to get ready on their own when it is time for a P.E. lesson. Older children should bring shorts and a t-shirt in school colours i.e. white t-shirt and navy blue plain shorts, and sand shoes/trainers for outdoor activities. Football boots and shin pads may be used for practices and matches, but these must be removed before children come back into school so they do not damage the carpets or drag mud into school. For cold weather, a tracksuit may be worn. This should be navy blue, grey or black.  On PE days pupils may come to school wearing the PE kit.


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