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English Writing
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English Writing - 

Spelling and Phonics -Reception and Key Stage 1

Phonics Teaching

We teach phonics in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 using the government recommended Read, Write, Inc. programme.

The children in Year 1 take the Phonics Assessment Check in June.

See separate 'Phonics' tab for more details.

Spelling – Key Stage 2

From Year 3 to Year 6, we follow our own spelling scheme of work taken from the DFE’s guidance on the teaching of spelling. The use of Spelling Frame (an online tool) enables children to practise spelling patterns at school and home. This is a is a whole class approach to teaching spelling that enables all children to succeed and gives teachers the unique tools to make that happen. Spelling patterns are broken down into sequences for each year group. Each sequence tracks back to review prior linked learning, enabling children to build on the foundations of previous year groups. Assessment is built into the sequence through application in place of weekly spelling tests.


Cursive handwriting is taught from year 1 and develops as the children progress through the school. We have developed our own handwriting progression scheme where children are awarded certificates when they reach a certain standard.

Text composition is taught as a writing process, allowing the children to use the skills of planning, writing, editing and redrafting their work in many contexts. This takes place in the English lesson as well as through other curriculum areas. Children are supported in the application of their skills through the use of modelled, guided and shared writing. Age-appropriate grammar objectives are also included within these sessions to teach the specific skills relevant to different text types.

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